1955 Pontiac 870 Catalina Coupe

I got to know this car four years ago. It came to me from Texas as a trade-in. I then traded it to a fellow from Oklahoma. He customized it, improved it and enjoyed it. Now it has come back to me…as a trade in!

It was a low mileage car when restored. Today it shows just over 50,000 on the odometer. I believe this is correct.

Recently, a freshly rebuilt Pontiac 316 was installed. It was smartly dressed-up. It starts and runs great. A noticeable power improvement.

The dual-range Hydromatic shifts perfectly. This car will compete with freeway traffic.

All features work. A modern stereo was installed in he glove box. The door lock with the key. There is a spare and jack in the trunk.

Some subtle styling ques were added recently. Very tasteful striping was applied to the hood and trunk. A few near the headlights, too.  The dash and firewall were also adorned. The dash knobs are now customs.

The ride stance was lowered. Bullet wheel covers and old exhaust tip were added. The changes really enhanced the car.

This is a show-worthy car that can be driven anywhere. In fact, I am going to shot it at a hotrod/custom show this weekend!

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