1955 Oldsmobile 88 Two Door Sedan

I am in love with this car! This is the third time we have owned it!. Before that, a friend had it. With the market correcting, it can now be yours at a dramatically reduced price!

This was a southern car, from Georgia. Supposedly, it was ordered new to be an Alabama State Police squad. Truth or tale(?), it does seem possible.

You see, this sinister looking sleeper is a three speed stick shift car. Now how many of those do you see?

It was completely rebuilt/restored in 2001. We have photos to support that. At that time, it became a street cruiser, with a continental kit and cruiser skirts over wide white walls. WRONG!

My pal reconfigured it to the look of today: blackwalls on steelies with poverty hubcaps. Did you notice the Traction Masters underneath? Dual exhaust with chrome tips and glasspacks. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

That’s how a stick shift car should look! Check under the hood, too. Offy valve covers, four barrel, old school Edelbrock air cleaner. Yep, this is a hotrod.

During the restoration, the mechanicals were all done, the body was stripped and repainted, the chrome was all redone, the stainless was straightened & polished, the interior refurbished. While not new anymore, this car is certainly an above average driver that shows nicely.

And does it ever drive nicely! While it is rather spartan for options, the near new radials offer good control and the new brakes get you stopped. What a kick to drive a stick car. Takes some expertise or double-clutching to be smooth, but how cool is it to see that extra pedal under the dash?

There is a modern stereo in the glove box. All original features work. There is a spare & jack in the trunk. We just sent the heater core out for repair and installed it back in the car. All you need to do is put gas in the tank and drive it.

This car has all the cool stuff that suits my taste. I love this car, so much that it is ours for the third time. Truthfully, it may be ours forever.

It is for sale. We are not going to be easy to deal with on this one. If you love it like I do, you will understand.


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