1954 Chysler New Yorker Deluxe

This car is wearing a tag-topper that suggests it was a Doctor’s car. I have no proof that it was, but there is evidence to suggest this could be the case.

I do know that the New Yorker was one of the most expensive Chrysler products available. The powerful 331 Hemi and the Powerflite transmission made it very responsive and peppy. This car also has power steering and windshield washers. Considering the cost when new, it certainly could have been a Doctor’s car.

My examination of the car tells me it was always garage kept. There is no sign of rodent infestation and there is no sign of damage from sunlight. The weather-stripping and gaskets are not deteriorated beyond being functional. Certainly most Doctors would keep their car in a garage.

This car was a MN car. It spent most of its useful life in SW MN. It does show some corrosion on the rear floor supports, the corners of the trunk and a small area beneath the driver’s left foot. None of this appears to be salt related. I believe it is from mud and dirt. There was a good gallon of stones and pebbles on top of the front splash pan. Obviously this car was driven on unpaved roads, which MN has many of. Certainly a Doctor would need a big, powerful heavy car to handle the mud and snow drifts found on MN roads.

The car was built with the afore-mentioned powertrain, tinted glass, windshield washers, power steering, rear-defogger, AM pushbutton radio and all the other nice features of the New Yorker Deluxe. If you didn’t know, these cars still had a cowl vent. A great way to get good ventilation. I am not sure if the fog lights were added by the dealer or the owner. I would guess it came with wide whitewall tires, which it still has today.

The odometer shows 59,586 miles. I am told that is the actual mileage, but I have no proof. Considering the overall condition of the car, I am willing to accept the claim of actual mileage.

The engine starts and runs great. The transmission shifts properly and smoothly. This is a wonderful car to drive. The tinted glass is still in good condition. It is not delaminated or scratched. The upholstery and headliner are in nice condition for a car that is 65 years old. The stainless is very nice. The body is not showing signs of rust or damage despite the fact it was likely repainted over 40 years ago. The chromed potmetal does show pitting. The rear bumper is very nice, likely having been replated. The front bumper is showing some scars and is certainly original.

When you consider the overall condition, I believe the mileage to be actual. However, we are selling it the only way WI will allow us to: mileage exempt from disclosure due to age.

I bought this car North of Minneapolis. During Back to the 50’s, we drove it around the Twin Cities quite a bit. Even sitting in traffic, it did not overheat. It started perfectly every single time. The doors still lock via key, so we could secure the car and walk away without worry.

The original bumper jack is absent, a hydraulic jack is present. As is the spare tire, lug wrench, car cover and quite a few spare parts. In addition, a box of useful items for a road emergency is still in the trunk. You see, this car is meant for your driving pleasure. It is not a show car, but certainly worthy of being a great driver and a car for display at a local cruise night.

I can’t prove the mileage, nor can I prove it was a Doctor’s car. But the evidence is strong to support these claims. No matter what, it is a nice car that is available at a very reasonable price.

$ 7,495.00

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