1954 Chevrolet Belair Two Door Sedan

Well, I will admit that this is not my normal quality of vehicle. On the other hand, it offers a lot of fun for not a lot of money. It was a part of a package deal, so it is now a DEAL for you.

This is the last of this body style and the end of the era of torque tubes. It is still powered by the tuff 235 engine. The original three speed manual spins the driveshaft to the original rear end.

It is still manual drum brake car. Still the original suspension. Other then that, it has been heavily customized.

Improvements are the twelve volt conversion and new Coker wide whitewall radials. The gas tank has been replaced with a trunk mounted tank. The trunk now has a remote release.

You can see the modifications to the body. It now has 49 Ford taillights. The chrome was removed from the grill. The side trim is missing/holes are filled. The front bumper and hood ornament are shaved. The silver/pewter paint job is accented by pinstripes.

The interior has been completely reupholstered. Mexican blankets were expertly used to cover the seats, door panels and package tray. The headliner and visors were redone. The carpet was replaced and the trunk was upholstered.

The wiper arms and motor were removed, the heater fan is disconnected, the horn doesn’t blow and the gas gauge is not working. The 12 volt conversion is the culprit with some of this. The transmission prefers a double-clutch going into third gear. The floors were patched with tin. The floor supports and inner rockers are rotted.

But it drives just fine. It runs great and I believe the 84,397 on the odometer to be correct. My friend was driving it frequently before we traded.

If you want a lot of bang for your buck and can agree that this is a GREAT DEAL, then why not have some fun with the old customized Chevy?


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