1953 Lincoln Capri Sport Coupe

This is an old school custom cruiser Capri. I would guess it was done the first time in the 60’s. It was recently updated to be a safe, reliable driver.

The body modifications indicate 60’s custom. Of course it was nosed and decked. The door handles were shaved and the doors modified to hide the popper switch. The headlights and antenna are frenched. The grill is DeSota and the tail lights are Packard. It has cruiser skirts. The rear bumper is Cadillac. The most interesting modification is the quarter panel stretch. They are 18″ longer and are peaked above the tail lights. This modification “shelters” the continental kit.

The paint is 15-20 years old. It is a Ford color called Twilight Royal Plum. There is quite a bit of chrome and stainless and most of it is very nice.

Recent updates include engine/transmission change, the addition of vintage air conditioning, new wiring and fuse panel, new aluminum radiator, air shocks, power brakes and a new gas tank. The stock gauges were replaced with 12 volt compatible gauges in the stock locations and the speedometer is now a column mounted electronic aftermarket type.

The engine and transmission were installed in 2010. The 351 Windsor was a new crate motor.

This car has factory power windows that now have screw-type motors. The radio is a modern AM/FM/CD stereo. The windshield wipers are an electric conversion. All features function properly except for the parking brake.

This car was recently updated to be driven by an older woman. Much thought went into safety and reliability. Unfortunately she passed away before completion.

This is a very cool custom Capri from the Sixties that is freshly updated for frequent driving. we hope it suits your taste and that you enjoy long trips.


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