1950 Oldsmobile Futuramic 88 Deluxe Holiday Coupe

I have been on the lookout for one of these rare cars for 15 years. The Holiday Coupe is such a stylish car. I love the 49-50 Oldsmobiles. To top it off, I found the car I wanted in black with the interior scheme I desired!

If you are like me, this is the king of styling. And it is coupled with the best powertrain on the market for 1950. The Oldsmobile Rocket V8 and the Hydramatic transmission are bullet-proof. In 1950, there was nothing on the road that could beat this car, either on the circle track or on the drag strip.

I stumbled upon this car being offered in the Atlanta, GA area. Much to my surprise, I learned it had spent most of its life in Western WI! I used to work for the company where the man purchased his gasoline! Small World.

This car has been loved since new. In fact, it was in the hands of the original Father/Son until 2011. After the Son passed, it was sold to a nearby Classic Car Dealership. That Dealership, in turn, sold it to the man from Georgia that I purchased it from.

The first family loved this car. They drove it and displayed it for over 60 years. They must have been quite handy, because the Service Manual is well-used. They had the car repainted in 1993 and it still looks great. Much of the chrome and trim is still original to this car. The upholstery, headliner and interior is mostly original to the car. The engine was rebuilt when the odometer was reading close to 89,000. It is obvious to me that they provided this car with much love and great care. It could not have survived so well without their commitment.

I would classify this car as a survivor. Yes, it was repainted. But it was done long enough ago that it looks to be original. It is to the original color. There are some blemishes that were acquired over the past 27 years. But is still looks great from ten feet. I feel it qualifies as a survivor.

There are receipts in a binder that support recent maintenance, mostly by the Son and the owner from Atlanta. You will find new exhaust and suspension, a rebuilt carburetor and re-cored radiator, new brakes and fuel pump, restored gauges and a fresh tune-up.

All features on this car work well. Even the Pushbutton AM radio. The clock is functional, but now resides in waiting in the glove box. A temperature gauge was installed in its pod. The doors and trunk lock via key. There is a spare tire, jack, wrench and some important parts residing in the truck. There are manuals, notes, and receipts both in the trunk and the glove box.

This is a rare two door hardtop, known as the Holiday Coupe. It was an early production 1950 car. The later production 1950 models were born with a one-piece windshield.

When inspected, you will find a solid frame, solid floors, solid trunk and solid body. The only corrosion to note is a small amount on the inner rocker panels, where mud and debris would have ridden.

You will see that most of the trim, stainless, chrome and moldings are original. The bumpers are said to be original. You may find a few flaws, but overall, this is a great looking survivor car.

I will tell you that I am not going to be forgiving on the price. I have coveted a car just like this for many years. I have no incentive to sell it for a discount. It is just too rare, too stylish, to muscular and too nice.

I have looked and looked and looked for a 1950 Holiday Coupe. I had really given up. But lo and behold, this gem dropped into my lap. It is just what I was looking for. I hope you feel the same way.


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