1950 Chevrolet 3100 Short Box Pickup

I am not normally one to go after the “shop trucks” with the “patina look”, but this truck just had too much going for it to pass it by.

The amount of effort and expense that went into it to make it a fun, dependable and reliable driver caught my attention. The well-done interior, bed and lowering pushed me over the edge.

This truck was born with a wimpy 216 splash oiled engine. Plus, it would have had rear end gearing that prevented comfortable driving at more than 45 mph. Now the powertrain is very capable and, actually, quite a conversation piece.

The engine is a Pontiac 215 cubic inch inline six cylinder. It was only produced for 1964 and 65. It was the base engine in the Pontiac Tempest. It was built by Chevrolet, yet PONTIAC is cast into the block. The block is the same as the Chevy 230, except the bore is smaller. It uses the same crank but the head has higher compression. It developed 140 horsepower, which was more than the Chevy 230.

The bell-housing is made for B-O-P transmissions. In this case, the ST-300 aluminum case transmission is bolted to it. This was a very strong transmission that was the automatic used in Pontiacs and Buicks. It is often mistaken for a Powerglide. There is a Lokar shifter mounted to it.

The rear-end is a 10 bolt. It may have come from the Tempest. It is open and has 3.07 gear ratio. Perfect with the engine and transmission! It is great in town and will cruise all day long at freeway speeds.

The engine was equipped with an HEI ignition, bigger carburetor and free-flowing exhaust. There is a nice Aluminum radiator for cooling. All gauges work to provide monitoring. There is plenty of oil pressure and it runs cool. An alternator charges the 12 volt battery.

A new fuel tank was mounted beneath the new bed. There is an auxiliary electric pump for lengthy storage. The bed is all new. It was raised to allow for clearance after the suspension was lowered.

The lowered look was accomplished with a dropped front axle, lowering blocks and lowering shocks. The front axle is equipped with disc brakes.

The wheels, beauty rings and spider caps are new. They are wrapped in bias ply wide-whitewall tires. The wheel bling accentuates the new chrome. The bumpers, grills, bezels, emblems and tail lights are all shiny new chrome.

The wiring has been configured to handle twelve volts. There is a master switch, pushbutton for the starter and LED interior lights. An amplifier and speakers are behind the seat for USB connection to your phone or Ipod. The seat is reupholstered, as are the door panels, kick panels and headliner. The carpet is also new.

You will find the wipers and horn are not functioning. But the glass is all new, the door locks via key and There is not a jack or spare tire. There is a new heater that works great.

The body is not perfect. You will find old patches, signs of corrosion and some rust in the cab corner. All of it has been repaired and covered. I guess it is just part of the patina look.

This truck is a great driver. And it is fun. I love driving a vehicle with a functional cowl vent for ventilation. This truck offers the patina some of you desire. It is the perfect shop truck.


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