1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Coupe Hotrod

This car came to me as a trade-in. All the way from Oklahoma! The man who had it is the same that built it into the great hotrod that it is today.

Don is 90 years old. He and his machinist son built this car over the past ten years. He estimates he has driven it 2500 miles since its completion.

I was astounded by the solid condition of the car. The underside is amazing. I have yet to see a Chev of this vintage in such great condition. There is not a speck of rust or repair beneath this car!

Don started out with a great platform and built it to his desired specifications. Or as he calls it “over built it”.

An engine from a wrecked 1984 was completely rebuilt to improve performance. Flattop pistons, LT1 cam and head work all have improved the performance. It was topped with an Edelbrock intake manifold and a double-pumper carburetor. Stock style exhaust manifolds feed a new free-flowing dual exhaust system.

A 700r4 automatic transmission was sourced and rebuilt. It was installed, a new drive shaft built and a transmission cooler added. The rear end is a 9 inch Ford. It has the big brakes. The axles were redrilled and studded for Chevy 5×4.75 wheels.

New dropped front spindles and a Thunderbird power rack and pinion steering system were purchased and installed. The A-arms are tubular and the brakes are disc. The suspension is by Chassis Engineering.

Don had a couple of sets of wheels and tires. The current set are the ones that suited my taste. They are 15 inch Chevy wheels with small vintage hubcaps. The tires are near new radials.

Don added Vintage heat and air-conditioning. He did not install the hoses for the heater, as it would not have been used in Oklahoma. The A/C blows cold. He installed a new gas tank.

The original interior was completely reupholstered. The two tone gray vinyl upholstery represents the vintage of the car while making it durable and comfortable. Every piece of the interior has been redone. The carpet has built in floor mats. Seat belts were installed.

The original gauges are present. Don had them converted to the 12 volt electrical system. The oil pressure gauge reads one-half of the actual oil pressure. Even the fuel gauge works properly. There has never been a radio. The glass is original and nice. Not delaminated as you might guess. All rubber gaskets and weather stripping has been replaced.

The chrome is wonderful. The stainless has been straightened and polished. The paint looks great from 10 feet, but upon close inspection, there are areas that have been touched up.

The doors and trunk lock with the key, as does the ignition. There are a spare, jack and lug wrench in the trunk.

My attraction was the respect given for originality. Yes, you can tell it has dual exhaust and radial tires. Yes, the shifter is incorrect and there would not have been seat belts. Otherwise, this car has a very original appearance to it. At a recent show, many referred to it as a sleeper.

You really need to evaluate it in person. Don over built it. It is a great car to drive and simply amazing to look at. I am looking forward to taking it to a show this weekend. It is an 80 mile drive from here.


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