1947 Ford Super Deluxe Sedan Coupe

I believe this is what they call the Sedan Coupe. It has the five window coupe style body, but has room to seat six. It is the Super Deluxe model and the VIN starts with 799A.

This is a very solid car that came from California. It has been tastefully modified to improve drivability, yet the overall appearance has not change much from the way it left the factory. The odometer reads 65,880.

The 59AB 100 horsepower flathead engine has been retained. It was rebuilt, new water pumps installed, converted to electronic ignition, but kept as six volt. The fuel pump was replaced and an auxiliary electric fuel pump installed to assist with starting after long periods of rest. The radiator was boiled out, cleaned and repainted. All belts and hoses were replaced and much of the wiring is new.

A nicely crafted dual exhaust system was installed. It was routed without hacking up the frame and crossmembers. It includes glass-packed mufflers and nice tips. It has the PERFECT flathead sound and rumble. Just a bit louder than stock and perfect for the hodrodded tone.

A Borg-Warner T-5 Overdrive transmission was sourced, rebuilt and installed. At the same time, a new clutch as installed. To facilitate the installation, a kit was installed that replaced the factory cross-member and allowed for splitting of the wishbones. While this was being done, a kit was installed that allowed for the installation of tube-style shock absorbers. The combination of the split bones, shock absorbers and panhard bar keep the rear end stable while still utilizing the factory transverse springs.

The front hubs were replaced to allow for utilization of disc brakes. At the same time, the rear drum brakes were rebuilt and all new lines were installed. A GM style dual reservoir master cylinder was located beneath the floor.

Radial tires were installed on Cragar SS Wheels. The fronts are 215/60/15 and the rears are 255/60/15. This gives the car a rake and the old time “big and little” appearance. A classic look. After all this work, the front end was aligned for good handling and proper tire wear.

The interior was completely refurbished. The door panels, seats, kick panels, floor covering, and headliner have all been replaced. It appears as if original, but is in great condition.

The installation of turn signals allows for safer driving. The tail lights have been converted to LED for brightness. There are two pair of lenses. One with Blue Dots and one without.

The body was repainted long ago. I believe it is a factory tint of yellow that was called Maize Yellow. I would guess the paint to be 20-30 years old. It has some touched up flaws, but still looks good. There are no signs of body filler, repair or rust. If you want a show car, the current finish will provide an excellent guide coat to the next shiny paint job.

The bumpers have been rechromed and look great. The trim is acceptable, but shows some dents. The pot metal is pretty nice, but there are pieces showing some pitting. All glass is good.

The doors, trunk and column lock with keys. The cowl vent is functional. The heater works, but he fan doesn’t blow. The radio and horn make no sound. The fuel gauge was said to work, but now it does not.

This is a great looking old hotrod. It has the right stance, the right look and the right sound. It will cruise along at freeway speeds due to the overdrive transmission. It has lots of fun left to offer. It is ready to enjoy.


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