1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe

I am a sucker for a Business Coupe. I love the minimalistic nature of these cars. I have no idea what this car was used for. Perhaps by a salesman, or a doctor, or simply a person that saw no need to haul passengers in the back seat.

This particular car has roots in North Dakota and Minnesota. I found it in a MN man’s collection. He had purchased it from another MN man that restored it about 20 years ago.

At the time of restoration, it was repainted to the original Sumach Red color. It is a very appealing color that has a bit of a brownish hue. Perhaps like red iron oxide primer, but nice and shiny. I am not seeing any signs of body work. The body is very straight and all gaps are as they should be. There were just a few scratches and chips and we have touched them up. The fit and finish on this car is very nice.

Judging by the condition, I would guess the bumpers were rechromed at the time of restoration. They are in great condition. All trim and emblems are nice, too. The glass is very good. I believe it to be original. If that is the case, then this car certainly was garage-kept.

At some time, the bumper over-ride was added to the front. A Fulton visor was also added. I really like the combination of the additions as well as the wide whitewall tires, stock hubcaps and the beauty rings. This is a very stylish car and the last of the art deco styling.

The interior has been reupholstered to a correct style of material. The door panels have been refurbished. I would have to believe the headliner was also replaced. The floors were likely covered by a rubber floor mat when new. Now they are covered by an indoor/outdoor style of carpet. That same carpet also makes the curtain behind the seat.

This car does have a spare wheel mounted behind that curtain. There is also a jack and lug wrench in the trunk. The passenger door has an exterior lock that is actuated via the key.

This car never had a radio. The gauges all work properly. The cowl vent works smoothly. The parking brake holds. There is a hot water heater. I am not sure if it has a fan. If it does, I have not discovered how to operate it. The windshield wipers are not currently working. Seat belts have been added.

When I was beneath the car to change oil, I noticed that the braking system is new. I saw a new master cylinder, new lines, new hoses and new wheel cylinders. The floors are very solid and never patched. There is surface rust, but now rot anywhere. The frame is solid as new. The trunk floor is amazingly solid without even surface rust.

The 207 cubic inch flathead six starts with ease. A bit of choke, turn the key and stomp the pedal. It purrs. The clutch seems good and shifting is smooth. I drove to the storage building four miles away and found nothing to be of concern.

This style of car appeals to me. I hope you feel the same. There are not many left and it was a great find. I hope you want to add it to your collection.


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