1940 Ford Deluxe Convertible

Bruce was in his early 30’s when he bought this old car. They shared the same birth year. He owned it for 47 years. He decided his hot-rodding days are pretty much over. But he sure did enjoy his old Forty Ford Convertible.

Bruce has given this car great care since 1971. It was already repainted then. Yes, you will notice some chips, scratches and touched up areas. What you won’t see are any spots of rust, body filler or any type of quality issues with the metal. This is a wonderfully solid car and that goes for the floors and trunk, too.

Bruce certainly drove his car, but sparingly. The odometer is reading 69,182 miles and that is likely accurate. He has religiously serviced the car and has made improvements along the way.

When the car first came to him, he sent the clock and radio out for refurbishing. The clock is still keeping time. The radio was reinstalled, but the power was never hooked up. The reason is that Bruce decided to convert the car to 12 volt.

The 12 volt conversion was well done. It has nice bright lights and all were switched over. The starter was replaced and spins the motor easily. Bruce has this car so well-tuned that it pops off almost instantly with just a slight tug on the choke lever. I was very impressed.

The engine is now a 239 cubic inch 59AB flathead. It has been equipped with Edelbrock Aluminum heads and an aftermarket distributor. The voltage is provided by a GM style alternator. The fuel pump has been replaced, the carburetor was rebuilt and the water pumps were replaced.

The exhaust is now true duals with Smitty style mufflers. They exit is out the back and the pipes sport very nice tips. It sounds just like you would like a Flatty to sound.

When inspecting the floors, I noticed a new master cylinder and some new lines. The floors are absolutely amazing. The running boards are in great condition and new rubber covers were recently installed.

This car has a locking gas cap, hot water heater, power top, fog lamps, tool kit, extra parts and an original style jack. There is not a spare wheel or lug wrench. All locks work properly and are easily actuated with the key. There are extra sets of keys.

The upholstery is in great condition. It was replaced some time back and appears to be real leather. The carpet and convertible top were replaced two years ago. The top is a genuine LeBaron Bonney top with a glass window.

The bumpers were replaced not long ago and look new. The rest of the chrome is certainly in nice driver condition. The tires are 6:00-16 on OEM rims with correct hub caps and beauty rings. They are bias ply and a repop of the old Ford script Firestone tires.

Bruce gave his baby great care. He made improvements to suit his needs and his taste. He has this car running like a Swiss watch. It is great to drive. Bruce enjoyed his time with his Forty and had a lot of fun. There is an opportunity for you to do the same.


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