2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS 35th Anniversary Coupe

                I feel very fortunate to have discovered this great car.  It had only had one owner.  He is a very meticulous care-taker.  His OCD is evident when you see the condition of the car.  He carefully retained the majority of the documents.  The Carfax is clean and supportive.

                The car was purchased new in Central Illinois.  The original price was $31,040.  The cost of the SLP modifications done when new was $2,507.  He had the car rust-proofed.  The initial cost of the car was $35,077.  All supported by original documents.  The original build sheet is present, too.  He wisely kept all receipts and they are included.

                When he moved to Louisiana, he made some impressive performance modifications.  Most were professionally installed.  The performance modifications cost $16,469.  The additional set of wheels and tires cost him $2,000.  His total investment was $53,000.

                He did not drive the car on salty roads.  He only got caught in the rain a couple of times.  He stored it in a climate-controlled garage.  He kept up with the rust-proofing maintenance program.  The car was serviced regularly and records were kept.

                Today the car is in exceptional condition.  I have personally added over 700 miles and find the all-around performance to be exceptional.  The current mileage is 39,9xx.  This is the correct mileage and is easily confirmed by the condition of the car and Carfax report.

                This was the last year for the fourth generation of the Camaro.  It is the 35th Anniversary of the origination of the Camaro.  I would argue it the best.  The 5.7 liter LS1 engine is exceptional.  This car was ordered with the six speed manual transmission, T-tops and the SLP package.  It is the Super Sport, so it has the unique rear wing.  The Monsoon stereo is original and plays perfectly.  The owner utilized the Auxiliary connection for the CD changer as a way to pair his phone for Bluetooth, etc.  He installed a power antenna (not available on Camaro) from a Firebird.  It is actuated by the on/off of the radio or a toggle switch.

                This car is Onyx black with the Neutral leather interior.  It has powered driver’s seat, folding rear seat, power windows and locks, air conditioning, Solar Ray tinted glass, power mirrors, tilt steering, steering wheel audio controls, cruise control, four-wheel disc brakes with ABS and 3.42:1 rear end gearing.  The SLP package added Auburn Limited Slip differential, center exit dual exhaust and forced air hood.

                Performance modifications added by the owner include BMR lower control arms, traction bars, A-pillar gauges for fuel pressure/boost/air to fuel ratio, ProchargerD1SC supercharger, dual intercoolers, skip shift eliminator module, SLP headers, Cam Motion camshaft/harmonic balancer and pulley, hardened pushrods/springs, Titanium retainers, new value seats, larger injectors and pump and American racing chrome five spoke wheels and Kumho Ecstra Tires.  The tires are 275/40/17 on front and 315/35/17 on the rear.

                The perfect condition stock wheels are included.  Also included are the factory air intake components, camshaft, smog pump, etc.

                Both sets of keys with factory key fobs are included.  A Lojack security system was installed and two fobs are included.  All Owner’s Manuals, promotional material, receipts, Window decal, SLP invoice and a set of Service Manuals are included.  The perfect condition original floor mats are included.  The T-tops shades were never installed until I bought the car.

                The speed shop in Louisiana that installed the parts also tuned the computer.  When they had reached maximum performance on the chassis dyno, the program was flashed.  The Dyno sheet showing rear wheel horsepower of 578 is included.

                During the 700+ miles that I drove the car, I utilized every feature.  Everything performed flawlessly.  The interior condition is perfect.  There are now marks, wear or stains.  It is very obvious that the owner was very meticulous and careful.

                The paint is original with exception of the hood and passenger door.  The hood was marred during the modification procedure.  The door was scratched in a parking lot.  The finish of the car looks great.  Better than you would expect for the age and mileage.  There are two dings in the passenger quarter panel that will be easily removed with paintless dent repair.  The undercarriage show no corrosion.

                I will tell you that the horsepower will really set you back in your seat.  First and Second gear is not the time to express the power of this engine.  You will blow the tires off.  In fact, you will slip the tires a bit in third gear under hard acceleration.  Enough to light the Anti-Slip light.  You need to be prepared to grab the next gear under hard acceleration.  As a drag racer, I will tell you that I am impressed!

                This car is very eye appealing.  The stance is right on.  The fat rear tires and center exit exhaust indicate something is serious about the performance of the car.  The Super Sport specific wing and the forced air induction hood suggest this car wants to get up and go.  The combination of the black-out bumpers and black finish is contrasted by the wheels for a very sporting appearance.

                The low mileage and very careful storage and maintenance has allowed this 21 year old Camaro to remain in exceptional condition.  It has never been smoked in or driven on salted roads.  I doubt the original owner ever allowed his children to ride with him.  I doubt he ever had food or drink in the car.  It has always been carefully cleaned.  He used laser guidance to park in his garage!

                I was very fortunate to have discovered this gem.  I hope you feel the same.