1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Holiday Coupe Hurst/Olds #306

This is a well documented 1969 Hurst/Olds.  It is part of the registry.  There are photo copies of ownership documents and Demmer documents that will go with the car.  It is number 306 of 906 Hurst/Olds produced in 1969.  It has a 04C build date code.

This car has been restored a couple of times.  The first time was in the late 90’s.  I am not sure to what extent, but I can see by the records and receipts that the engine was completely rebuilt.  There is a large volume of documentation to support this and it includes specifications and components used.  The original engine block is gone.  The current period correct engine block was also cast as 396021F.

The engine has the correct intake and exhaust manifolds, correct D heads, correct 7029251-RJ carburetor and correct 1111989 distributor.  The recored radiator is the original four core.  The air cleaner assembly is proper, yet incorrectly painted black instead of gray.

The transmission carries the proper HO 1969 tag and it is stamped with the partial matching VIN.  The rear axles is stamped with SL, denoting the optional gear ratio of 3.91:1.  The aluminum tag indicating the Anti-Spin differential is attached to a housing cover bolt.

This car has all proper 442 suspension components as well as the correct VIN denoting it to be a 442.  It has power steering and brakes, with the front being disc.  The master cylinder was replaced during the restoration and is not correct for a 1969 Hurst/Olds 442.

The wheels are the proper 15×7 Super Stock II version with chrome rims.  The centers should be painted Argent Gray, but have been refinished to the Fire Frost Gold.  This is a common “Day 2” modification to the 1969 Hurst/Olds 442.  Love it or hate it!  I love it.

The tires are reproduction Goodyear Polyglas GT bias ply F60x15 .  They were installed on new wheels during the 2011 restoration.  There are only a few miles on the car since.  It has been held in a climate controlled warehouse as part of a very large Dealer owned collection since.  There is also a matching spare in the trunk along with the correct jacking equipment and lug wrench.

The body of the car was completely restored in 2011.  Any damaged panels were replaced, all trim was either replaced or reworked.  All bezels and lights were replaced.  The finish is base coat/clear coat Cameo White with Fire Frost stripes and black pin stripes.  The spoiler and hood scoop are original and correct for Hurst/Olds.  The English Racing Mirrors are correct and were replaced.

The interior was completely restored during the 2011 restoration.  The seats are correctly upholstered and have the gold stripe on the headrests.  The glove box door has the Hurst/Olds emblem.  The center console is the small Hurst version and it contains the proper Hurst Dual-gate “His and Her’s” shifter.  The optional Sport Steering wheel is in great condition.  The pushbutton AM radio works properly.  This car has date code correct Deluxe seat belts, new and correct carpet, a new headliner, new dash pad and new package tray.  The door panels are also correct and were new at the time of the 2011 restoration… There is a brand new set of reproduction rubber Oldsmobile floor mats protecting the carpet.

This car has Rocket Rally Pac Gauges that function properly.  The odometer reads 22,350 miles.  The selling Dealer states this is actual mileage, but I can find no documentation to support this claim.  Because of that, I am going to sell the car exempt of odometer disclosure.  In truth, due to the extent of the restoration, the car certainly performs as well, or better, than when new.

This car is in fantastic condition.  After all, it went through a frame-off rotisserie restoration that included taking the paint to bare metal.  Due to excellent storage and minimal usage, the car is in excellent condition with no notable flaws.  There are no signs of any body work, rust or rust bubbles.  The paint is very close to perfect.  All this after 11 years.  That speaks volumes to me.

                All features of this car work properly, with exception of the horn.  I will try to diagnose that soon.  All lights and gauges are working as they should.  The passenger side door window does not currently roll down.  There are two sets of keys that actuate all locks.

                I have been watching for one of these rare cars for quite some time.  I am a fan of the 1969 Cutlass models, it is my favorite A-body.  The Hurst Olds was the only car to get the big 455 engine.  I had a tribute car recently, but decided to pursue a real Demmer car.  There have been a few cars for sale, but it seemed that they all needed some amount of repair or restoration.  And some are comparable in price to this car.  I am confident that this is the highest quality and most correct 69 Hurst Olds on the market for less than $100.000.

                I am proud to offer a very nice, recently restored and rare 1969 Hurst Olds.  There is plenty of documentation to support the validity of the car, the history and the recent restoration.  This car is very correct, in the registry and is number 306 of 906.  It is a car that can be driven and enjoyed, but is certainly worthy of being the centerpiece of your collection.